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Since the industrial revolution of the 18th century, “machines” have advanced greatly to become widespread across the globe. They have become the driving force of industrial development, supporting our societies across various areas.

Nowadays, the concept of “machine” is expanding further, together with technological advances such as information technology, and fusing with related fields such as electronics, bioengineering, and medicine. This includes intelligent machines and robots, information devices connected to networks, and machines functioning in extreme or micro environments that were previously unimaginable.

Mechanical engineering is a basic discipline that has supported this evolution of “machines”, and the various technologies related to “machines” and “manufacturing” are the culmination of the efforts devised by many engineers and researchers majoring in mechanical engineering. However, the development of industries through mass production and mass consumption has also caused global energy issues and environmental problems. Therefore, mechanical engineers now play a vital role in contributing towards the realization of a “sustainable society”, which is safe and secure and has less impact on the environment. They must also aim to solve these related issues from a global perspective, considering the social influence of science and technology.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering keeps challenge towards the breakthrough of “machines” that drive new technological innovations capable of supporting such a “sustainable society”. We continue to cultivate mechanical engineers and researchers who can respond to the demands of future society.